About us

Graham Bells Digital Copy Centre is committed to provide a quality service to each and every client, from the individual to the corporate multi-national. You will receive the highest standards of quality that you deserve, and with over twenty years experience you can be assured that your work is in safe hands. Our staff have over twenty years of experience in the field of document management and can advise on all aspects of your scanning, designing, copying, printing requirements. Please call us for further query. Whatever the size of your printing requirement we have the staff and the equipment to offer a fast, efficient and cost effective service. Please call for details on specific requests and prices. Amongst our reputed clients are some of the major builders and developers, architects and consultants, law firms in the City Beautiful Chandigarh, we are also aware of the need for confidentiality and security of documentation, our premises are secure.

Our Works

Archival Scanning

The most common purpose of archival scanning is to scan old files that you need to keep a copy of, but not necessarily the originals. The archived documents are then saved on CD/DVD. These files are usually taking up valuable office space, which could be utilised for other purposes. Also we can add a number of different features to your scanned documents.

Pdf Scanning

The idea behind is that all your documents get scanned to PDF then placed on a CD, which you give to your clients. Once your client puts the CD in their Pc it will auto run and load an index page/splash screen. You can then search each separate PDF or search all the PDFs at the same time. You have the option of bookmarks to help navigate around the documents and link back to your index at the touch of a button.

OCR Scanning

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a technique for analysing images. It will convert a printed document to an electronic document, which will then be full text searchable. The best example for the use of OCR is if you need to make an amendment to a lease but don't want to re-type the whole lease, we can then scan the lease and output it to your desired format.

Large Format Scanning

We can scan any size document up to A0 in colour or black & white and put in to any format.

File Conversion

We regularly undertake file conversion projects involving TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF and other formats.


High speed fast photocopying of all paper sizes on demand or planned. Our photocopying facility ensuring the highest service, regardless of the size of job.
  1. Plan copying, up to A0 in size either black and White or Colour.
  2. Full Colour photocopying, either from original print, pen drive, or E-mail.
  3. High speed Black and White single sided or duplexed.